Immediate Business Indicator Draws Recognition as Breakthrough Business Tool


honig-expoBy Shimmy Blum

For all the traffic and buzz at the 2014 Parnassah Expo, one corner of the vast expo floor seemed to be getting a disproportionate amount of action throughout the two days the doors were open.

Strategically located at the corner of the expo floor, near the entrance to the business conference center, was a sleek looking orange-and-white booth that immediately caught your eye. Immediate Marketing and Business Consulting’s enclosed glass consultation booth and the array of electronic tablets around it were always in use, oftentimes with lines of people waiting to get in on the action.

Immediate Marketing and Business Consulting is based in Brooklyn and was founded by Joel Klein, CPBC, who is among the only members of the orthodox community to be certified with that prestigious business consulting degree. For years, Joel has earned the admiration of both a cross section of ambitious business owners in the orthodox community and some of the secular world’s most elite business minds for his unique business development and improvement advice. He has now devised a first-of-its-kind computerized “Immediate Business Indicator” to help business owners do a comprehensive and honest self-assessment of their venture and the road ahead. The Indicator debuted at the expo, and Joel delivered a heavily attended business seminar there as well.

“What I saw from the overwhelming response at the expo is just how strong business owners’ thirst for guidance is,” says Mr. Klein. “There never was a tool like the Indicator for them; I hope it will help as many people as it can.”

Developed with the input of 100 of the greatest professionals in the field, and with the most sophisticated and easy-to-use web based technology, Immediate Business Indicator allows the owner of any business to answer a series of simple questions in under 25 minutes and receive a comprehensive 20 page report. The report sheds light on all angles of the business – its strengths and weaknesses – and what needs to be done. A subsequent brief consultation with Joel to discuss the results is included in the package.

“What is going on here?,” was the most common question by those passing by the action at the Immediate booth. Visitors were able to avail of a free mini-trial of the Indicator on the tablets at the booth and see a sample report.  It didn’t take long until visitors were fascinated. From savvy veterans like defense attorney Ben Brafman, venture capitalist and speaker Charlie Harary, and renowned business executive Chesky Kauftheil, to small and midsize business owners – the Indicator was seen as a breakthrough tool. “I plan to take the Indicator myself, though I won’t tell anyone the results,” Mr. Kauftheil quipped. “What I see here is a tremendous amount of professionalism and knowledge.”

One veteran major importer commented that he was convinced that his business was running flawlessly, until he took the Indicator and was enlightened about the areas in which he can do better. Many hundreds of expo attendees already signed up for the Indicator and/or private consultation sessions with Joel Klein on the spot. “I have referred many clients to Immediate Marketing and Business Consulting,” attests Mrs. Chaya Fishman, founder and president of The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur (JWE). “They have a firm understanding about what it takes to run a successful business, and an extreme level of commitment to clients.”

Shortly before the Immediate booth was dismantled and carefully packaged for the ride back home, Parnassah Expo organizers presented the company with its exclusive “Most Innovative Exhibitor and Product” award. “The Parnassah Expo’s goal is to cater to businesspeople at any stage and empower them to be even more successful,” explains founder and director Reb Duvi Honig. “Immediate Marketing and Business Consulting, and the ‘Indicator,’ have proven to be trailblazers in the same mission.”

For more information, please visit or call 718-855-5850.

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  1. “The Parnassah Expo’s goal is to cater to businesspeople at any stage and empower them to be even more successful,” explains founder and director Reb Duvi Honig.

    Is is rather unfortunate, that most of the people coming to the expo were under the impression that this was going to be a career fair with jobs available.

  2. Actually I thought it was pretty clear. Every ad I saw said that it was a business fair. (It may have mentioned that there would be some jobs available)

    Not a bad place to hang around if you are looking for a job, but don’t blame them if people can’t read.


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