In Gaza, Surge of Support for Hamas Starts to Fade –


gazaAny power Hamas has derived from its recent confrontation with Israel is fading in Gaza. As older men say Hamas has finally won a fight with Israel and should march on Tel Aviv, many younger people ask what precisely Hamas accomplished during the eight-day confrontation last month. “What kind of victory?” asked Um Ram Abu Rokba, covered in traditional Islamic attire as she walked home from afternoon prayer. “They are lying to the people.”

Responding to Mahmoud Abbas’ UN upgrade resolution, Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas founder and the movement’s foreign minister, said in an interview: “Our land is not just the West Bank and Gaza, and that is important. It is all of Palestine.” Hamas is also hailing its patrons in Iran, a tactic that appears designed to shame Arab states into providing fresh support.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The young people are beginning to see through the ideological smoke screen. They want to have lives, not suicide vests. They’re our natural allies and we should be reaching out to them to help them boot out the old men who send them out to die.


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