In Shameless Hit Piece, NY Post Calls Simcha Felder the “Devil”


simchafelderFrom an “editorial” in the NY Post:

People sell their souls all the time.

But in public?

Meet Simcha Felder, the Brooklyn Democrat who was elected to the state Senate last Tuesday, and who, quick as a wink, decamped to Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ pirate crew.

It was strictly business, says Felder.

The ex-city councilman – who’s lately been working for that paragon of integrity, City Comptroller John Liu – made it plain while campaigning that he’d deliver his seat to whichever team gave him the most stuff.

Now, transactional politicking is what Albany does best.

Matter of fact, it’s not the first time that Skelos has tempted feckless Democrats to his side of the aisle.

Read more of this at the NY Post.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Which part of truth-in-advertising do you fail to comprehend? If he wanted to serve as a Republican, he should have tried first to secure their nomination, as a normal candidate would. Do normal rules not apply to people like us?

  2. Just saw the new Lincoln movie. Selling your soul has always been part of our political system. No one should be surprised when it happens in the U.S.A. or Israel.

  3. Y is it that when a republican jumps ship he is lauded for having courage but a democrat is reviled could it be that someone has an agenda?


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