India Hangs Mumbai Attacker


mumbai-attackerAjmal Kasab, the sole surviving gunman from the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack that left 166 dead, was hanged in prison today.

Indian television covered the execution with blanket coverage, showing Kasab in a black shirt and wielding an automatic weapon.

During the 60-hour siege in Mumbai, Kasab and an accomplice carried out an assault on a railway station, killing 52 people. Kasab, a Pakistani citizen, was given far less coverage in his home country, which offered no official statement on the hanging. Read more at The New York Times.

{ Newscenter}


  1. The following is a transcript of part of the Question & Answer period of one of the lectures from Rav Avigdor HaKohein Miller, ZT’L.  (The date of the lecture is probably in the early-middle 1980’s.)

    “Question: ‘What can be done to stop terrorism?'”  (Answer:) “Well, first, you have to get rid of all the western governments and replace them with decent people.  And then, they will take a terrorist and PUT HIM TO DEATH!! NO LESS!!  A person who hijacks a plane and terrorizes a hundred people MUST BE PUT TO DEATH!!!!  NO LESS!!!!  And then, it will stop!”  

    “Of course, that will never happen!  All of the European governments are filled with complete lunatics!  All of the members of the United States Congress are totally insane!  And if a congressman can get up and say that we have to understand that a terrorist is really ‘an idealist’ — he is fighting for ‘a cause’ — it is a sign that the world has gone crazy!”  


    So, Boruch Hashem, it looks like at least the country of India has some very good decency in this area. Of course, our country of the United States has very many tremendous accomplishments in fighting terrorism, and we certainly have very great deep appreciation for that. At the same time though, the US anti-terrorism efforts are still far short of what they should be.


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