Iran Trying To Rush 300 Million Euros Out Of Germany Ahead Of US Sanctions


The Iranian regime seeks to zip 300 million Euros in cash from Germany to Tehran in preparation for US sanctions, according to a report by the German daily Bild.

Those accounts are managed by the German Bundesbank, which is now expected to produce the amount in cash and deliver it to representatives of Tehran, who would then fly the money to Iran on board one of its vessels .The report notes that the transfer is likely motivated by concerns that the US sanctions against the Iranian financial sector will come into force in the coming months, depleting the regime’s cash reserves.

US and Israeli officials have supposedly already cautioned that the funds might be used to fund terror groups.

Read more at i24NEWS.



  1. No need to rush. Cory Booker & the backstabbing Kristen Gillibrand have already approved another $65,000,000,000,000.00 dollars of hardworking taxpayers money in cash to be shipped over in the dead of the night. Relax, we Democrats have got your back and Jeff Sessions will not do a thing to stop it. He works for us.


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