Iran Vows ‘Serious Response’ To New Sanctions And Rebuffs Trump’s Demands


Iran’s Foreign Ministry said Saturday that it would not agree to any changes to the nuclear deal, as President Donald Trump has demanded, and it vowed a “serious response” to new U.S. sanctions that it said crossed a red line.

The countries that negotiated the multilateral 2015 agreement with the United States were thrown into confusion, anger and disapproval over Trump’s ultimatum Friday to withdraw from the deal within months if his conditions are not met.

Trump is insisting on changes to the nuclear deal and U.S. law that would be difficult if not impossible to finesse. He wants Iran to allow the immediate inspection of all sites as requested by U.N. inspectors, and he demands no lapse of the “sunset” provisions imposing curbs on Iran’s nuclear program. He also wants Congress to modify U.S. law to link missile tests and nuclear weapons programs, as well as impose trigger points that would automatically snap sanctions back into place.

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