Is Biden’s New ‘American Possibilities’ PAC A 2020 Bid?


Is Joe Biden launched a political action committee this week — the surest sign yet he intends to keep his toe dipped in the White House waters over the next few years.

On the new American Possibilities PAC website, Biden writes that “the negativity, the pettiness, the small-mindedness of our politics drives me crazy. We’re better than this.”

“It’s time to treat each other with dignity and respect. Not as opponents, but as fellow Americans. Because that’s what we are,” he continues. “This is a time for big dreams and American possibilities. If that’s what you believe — and you’re ready to help elect folks who believe that, and to support groups and causes that embody that spirit — then I’m asking you to join me today.”

The PAC will allow Biden to fundraise and help candidates ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, which would allow him to keep up donor relationships as well as engender goodwill with future potential political allies, if he does decide to run.

Ever since passing on jumping into the 2016 Democratic fray, there seems to have been a growing sense of “what if” from the former Delaware senator, who previously ran twice for president during his three decades in the Senate before joining then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s ticket in 2008.

“I regret it every day, but it was the right decision for my family and for me, and I plan on staying deeply involved,” Biden said in January. Read more at NPR.



  1. Wow, so this is just great. We now have Hillary & Biden put out by the Democrat party. That’s it. Just those 2? I guess they feel these 2 clowns are the best that their party has to offer? 2 senile old bags with applesauce dribbling down their chin? Do they really think their going to win? No seriously? They can’t keep relying on the Russians all the time.

  2. Joe is neat. If he feels well and his health is good, lets have more to hear. It could be a ploy tactic to have him announce intentions. The GOP narks are so busy with hate for the DNC that any GOP narc will assume that a man like Joe is a major threat. We even have the 6 line entry above to note that the GOP nark is well afraid of anything the the DNC puts forth even in jest or proposed considered dream. Its too good. Just make the nark so agitated that he forgets to fill his bowl. There is a very easy way to remove your enemy from politics.

    • Wow, you are so right. The GOP are just petrified of a Joe Biden candidacy. Once Joe is unleashed, there’s no saying where it will end up. He would definitely win the Presidency in a landslide of epic purportions and set back the GOP by 100 years. A truly caged, raving lion, waiting to bust out.
      Hmm, what’s in this coffee?


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