Islamic Jihad Behind Explosion At Gaza Hospital And Park


islamic-jihadThe Israel Defense Forces says that the Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad was behind the explosions at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital and a park in the Al-Shati refugee camp.

The explosion at the hospital and nearby park left 10 dead and 40 wounded, Ma’an News Agency reported, quoting Gaza health officials.

“A short while ago, terrorists in Gaza fired rockets at Israel. 1 of them hit Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The other hit Al-Shati refugee camp,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said on Twitter.

The blast may have been the result of a technical malfunction of a long-range Iranian-built Fajr-5 rocket that contained a 220-pound payload, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.


{ Israel}


  1. Somebody should ask them point blank if the deaths of future pal terrorists only matters when israel is accussed of doing it

  2. I think the U.N. should send assistance to help Hamas fire their rockets properly, so that such mishaps don’t occur again.

  3. It’s hard for the UN to send assistance to help Hamas; you’ve got to understand that their rocket ships on the (Ban) Moon are having their own problems launching;the overflow of satelite pictures of Palestinians killing themselves are causing the overload.


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