Israel Closes Three Muslim Charities Suspected Of Funding Terrorism


israel-policeIsraeli authorities have closed three Muslim charities suspected of funding terrorist organizations, police said.

The charities-Muslim Women for Al-Aqsa, The Al Aqsa Champions, and the Al-Fajr Foundation for Culture and Literature-are suspected of financing “organizations which identify with Hamas” and of “paying activists who go every day to the Temple Mount and when groups of visitors arrive they use verbal and even physical violence against them, in a manner that threatens the personal safety of the visitors and strikes at religious freedom,” according to an Israel Police statement.

Police removed computers, documents, and bank records from the offices of at least two of the charities, and detained multiple suspects for questioning on financing terror, money-laundering, and tax offenses, Reuters reported.


{ Israel}


  1. Huh!!
    Where’s the security council!!
    I wonder if BamBam is thinking sanctions against Israel over this!!?


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