Israel Navy Has New Radar to Counter Hezbullah


israel-navyThe Israel Navy’s new “MF-STAR” radar, manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), is designed to counter the Yakhont (S-800) anti-ship missiles used by Syria and Hezbollah.

It has a greater range than previous systems, can mark more targets at once, and can detect enemy ships hiding among dozens of friendly or non-combatant vessels.

“The new radar can detect and handle sea, air and land targets, including missiles and enemy aircraft,” a Navy source said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. MF-STAR is a typical S-band active electronically steered array radar. Depending on the threat, it can be defeated using modern countermeasure techniques such as DRFMs.

    MF-STAR is at least seven years old.

  2. Dear #1, Albert, All the term electronically-steered (phased array) means is the method of aiming. S-band is simply the carrier frequency. Obviously what the Israelis are implying but not saying is they have developed chochma and encryption technology to fool or outwit the DRFMs.

  3. #2: AESAs have more capability than just beamsteering. They can do sidelobe cacnellation, and other anti-jamming techniques. But a DRFM is not a jammer; it is a spoofer. You can’t outwit a DRFM by encryption.

    There are anti-DRFM techniques, but the Israelis are not there yet, and this radar doesn’t have the capability to counter DRFMs.

    And so it goes…


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