Israel Questioned Adam Stabber 2 Years Ago Over Facebook Posts


Seventeen-year-old Mohammed Yousef of Kobar, who stabbed three Israelis in Adam, killing Yotam Ovadia, 31, and wounding the other two before he was shot dead, was summoned by an Israeli intelligence service two years ago over Facebook posts, family members said this week.

According to his uncle, Mohammed and his father went to the meeting with the Israeli intelligence service, after which Mohammed stopped making Facebook posts about what he described as “the situation” in the West Bank.

But a post he made just before carrying out the stabbing, the first conflict-oriented Facebook post he had made since the meeting, called on Palestinians to revolt and take up arms against Israel.

“O he who owns a gun and bullets, remember that there is an enemy to shoot…The time of the great revolution has come. Revolt,” he wrote.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. So Judenrat knew about the potential danger, yet refused to take this islamonazi off the streets. Another feather in the Israeli elites’ cap.


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