Israel Saves Life Of Palestinian Baby, After Child Collapses At Border Crossing


magen-dovid-adom1A Palestinian baby collapsed while crossing the border between the West Bank and Jordan, prompting the IDF to send a helicopter to evacuate the child to a Jerusalem hospital, effectively saving his life.

The six-month-old boy was crossing the Allenby Bridge (King Hussein Bridge), connecting the West Bank to Jordan, with his family on Shabbos to receive medical care in the Jordanian kingdom when he suffered what doctors think was a heart attack.

His sudden collapsed caught the attention of a border official who alerted paramedics who call the IDF.

The boy’s mother told Ynet that her child suffers from heart problems and a local doctor told her she must “take him to Jordan for urgent medical care”. However, en route to the kingdom, at around 11 am on Shabbos, the child collapsed.

“We found an unconscious child with no heart rate,” MDA paramedics Hashan Aala and Nader Komz told Ynet, explaining they arrived after a local medical team administered first aid.

“We began resuscitation attempts and after a few minutes we were joined by a senior medical staff and IDF medical forces which had also arrived at the scene.”

After stabilizing the boy, the senior doctor and IDF medical forces decided that in light of his serious yet stable state, the boy must be taken to hospital urgently.

A representative from the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Unit (COGAT), located in nearby Jerico and charged with coordinating between the IDF and Palestinian Authority, quickly cleared the boy for entrance into Israel and he was taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center.




  1. What a waste of resources —for what? So he can grow up to be a shahid? These are also the same imbeciles who need to make child care cuts for our own citizens—-go figure


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