Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer Rips New York Times Editorial as ‘Embarrassment to Journalism’


ny-timesIsrael’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, attacked The New York Times for an editorial it published on Monday entitled Four Horrific Killings. Questioning the integrity of the paper in a BuzzFeed post, Dermer highlighted five key points of contention:

1. The New York Times writes that “after days of near silence,” Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the murder of a Palestinian teenager on Sunday. But Netanyahu called the murder “reprehensible” on Wednesday, the day it occurred, and the next day, in his first public appearance since the murder, again forcefully condemned the killing on prime-time national television. Early July 4th weekend for the entire New York Timeseditorial board?

2. The New York Times omits that Prime Minister Netanyahu called the father of the murdered boy yesterday to personally express his outrage and condemnation. Maybe the New York Times didn’t get that press release?

3. The New York Times gives numerous examples of hate rhetoric on the margins of Israeli society – rhetoric that has been strongly condemned and rejected by Israel’s political leaders. The New York Times writes Palestinians have also been guilty of hate speech, but neglects to mention that Palestinian incitement is government backed, that Palestinian Authority leaders hail terrorists as heroes, name public squares after them and teach schoolchildren to emulate them. For daily dose of government-backed Palestinian incitement, check out – Palestinian Media Watch. No summer interns in the New York Times research department this year?

4. The New York Times omits the seemingly relevant matter of President Abbas forging a unity pact with Hamas, a terror organization whose charter calls for the murder of all Jews and whose leadership celebrated the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teens and called for more kidnappings. News not fit to print?

5. The New York Times fails to mention that a million Israelis were in bomb shelters yesterday as 100 rockets were fired at our civilian population. Maybe the New York Times editorial board will download to their smartphones Israel Red Alert, an app that sends an alert when and where a rocket is fired at Israel. It will only take 15 seconds to download, as much time as the people of Sderot and other Israeli towns in Southern Israel have to run for cover.

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  1. Rabbossai,
    We should stop buying the New York Times..
    While the NYT has many good features and sections ,it is hostile to Israel, and biased in its reporting and editorials ..We can make a differnce one subscription cancellation at a time.. Besides if you are addicted,you can skim it it on line and read thre full articles daily..

  2. Had he really wanted to take a dig at the NYT, he could’ve said, “Ha no one really buys your newspaper anymore. Its value has gone down almost 90% in the last ten years. They have been forced to close numerous departments, and downsize in staff. Israel on the other hand, even with the threat of war constantly hanging over our heads, has seen a huge rise in its value. Investment is going up and up and continues rising by huge margins. A country containing fewer people than NYC has more companies listed on the NY stock market than any other foreign country. Anything else Mr New York Times losers?

  3. Re: paragraph 1 and 2. It would be about time that Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, from Shurat Hadin, institute legal action against The Times, for Defamation of character. Let them have to answer in court once and for all for their untruths and half truths and be properly publicized for all to see.

  4. This is the New York Times folks. They are barking up their backside of hate. And they are just plain foolish. Good to know I have no longer associated myself with this paper. I may be older, but I am not simple with a poor newspaper. Amen.

  5. Jews who buy that rag,cntribute to their own destruction.The Nazis YMSH made the Jews pay for the bullets they used to kill them,the Jews didnt offer to pay!

  6. Times reporters should be escorted to the Gaza strip and made Persona non Grata in Israel and that goes for the home grown leftist press

  7. Why are we still reading the NY Times? Are we stupid or what?! They are laughing themselves all the way to the bank, because we “Jewish liberals” are too dumb to figure out what the word boycott means.

  8. Newsflash, posters: we’re NOT reading the NYT. But lots and lots of other people are and the hasbara is necessary. Kol hakavod, Mr. Ambassador.


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