Israeli Arab Paraglides into Syria, Joins ISIS


A man arrested in June at Ben Gurion airport has been charged with fighting for ISIS for nearly three years.

Nidal Salah, a 26-year-old Arab from the Israeli Arab town of Jaljulia, used a paraglider to cross the Israeli-Syrian border in October 2015. After being interrogated by ISIS and giving the terror organization information on Israel, Salah joined the Islamic State, fighting in battles, building weaponized aircrafts, translating Hebrew documents and recruiting friends from Israel.

Salah was captured by the SYrian army in battle, eventually escaping to trukey in May of 2018. On June 21, 2018, he flew from Turkey to Israel, accompanied by his family and lawyer, but was arrested upon his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

Salah is being charged with leaving Israel illegally, joining a terror organization, giving information to Israel’s enemies, contact with foreign agents, and other crimes.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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