Israeli Diamond Salesman Held in Russia


diamondAn Israeli diamond salesman is being detained in Russia for charges labeled, “Unlawful holding of stones.” The 60-year old resident of Haifa was arrested by Russian secret services while attempting to leave the country three months ago. The man was suspected of illegal possession of diamonds after an investigation at the company for which he worked revealed felonies related to the precious stones. The man’s arrest was remanded for another three months last week, and Israeli Consul Avigdor Yehoshua visited him in prison. According to his attorney, the man is ill with a gall bladder infection and heart problems, and “every day in the cell shortens his life.”

The attorney claims he was arrested after a competitor acted as a police informant and a false statement was obtained according to which he confessed to the allegations against him. The attorney says he was not in Russia during the time the statement was procured.

However, he is said to be well-treated by the Russian authorities and the cell in which he is imprisoned is reportedly up to Western standards.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


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