Israeli-Made Chipset Could Extend Battery Life For Devices Using 4G Mobile Networks


smart-meter1The Israeli company Altair Semiconductor says that it has developed the capability for small electric devices to connect better to fourth generation (4G) mobile networks. The new technology could impact devices such as electricity meters or security alarms.

Currently, the batteries of devices that use 4G networks, which are known as LTE batteries, tend to run out of power quickly. According to Altair, a new chipset the company has designed makes sure that data flows with as much as 10 times less power and half the cost of using current LTE technology.

“We’re talking about repositioning LTE to serve down to the level of street light sensors, smart home gateways, vehicle telematics,” Eran Eshed, co-founder and vice president of marketing atAltair Semiconductor, told Reuters.

Eshed added that a smart meter can run for as long as 10 years if it is equipped with this chipset, and that wearable devices would be able to last for days before the battery runs out. The chipset is currently being presented to potential customers.





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