Jewish Sites Attacked In U.K. And Hungary



As reported earlier, a group of assailants entered a shul in London on Sunday and attacked worshippers and property, with reports indicating that some attackers shouted, “Kill the Jews.”

Those inside Ahavas Torah shul had to defend themselves with chairs against the mob, which physically assaulted at least one person and smashed windows. British police later arrested six people in connection with the attack.

Despite the attackers reported shouting of “Kill the Jews,” Jewish officials said after the attack that the incident was not motived by anti-Semitism and was instead an “anti-social” attack, reported the Times of Israel. The Jewish neighborhood patrol group Shomrim said in a statement, “The incident is not believed to be a targeted or planned attack, although some anti-Semitic remarks may have been made by some of the group.”

Meanwhile, in Hungary, about 20 Jewish graves were vandalized in the northeastern city of Gyongyos. The graves were so damaged that some of the human remains were found scattered about in a manner described as “unprecedented” by the leader of the local Jewish community, Peter Weisz, according to the Associated Press.




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