Joe Lieberman Says Next President Will be Closer to Israel


JOE LIEBERMANFormer U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, in an interview with JTA, surmised that the next U.S. administration would be friendlier with Israel than the current one, the Forward reports.

The onetime vice presidential candidate also expressed concern over America’s nuclear negotiations with Iran, saying they are “going in a bad direction,” and urged Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to embrace the long-shelved Arab Peace Initiative.

“I think there will be a friend of Israel in the White House,” he said, noting that both Clinton and the leading Republican candidates all have pro-Israel records. “It will be a new beginning, a new opportunity. Is it going to be better than it has been under President Obama? Probably, yeah.”

He said being “on the offensive” in the peace process could help improve Israel’s relations with the Obama administration.

“That’s something the prime minister has to deal with and try to resolve,” Lieberman said. “It seems to me that no Israeli government should ever be in a position where other people in the world think it’s not seeking a just peace with the Palestinians, no matter how hard it would be practically to achieve that.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Most any president we might expect might be likely to be nicer to Israel. Obama is just a pace for his own diet of antisemitism.

  2. ZERO + 1 = 1 ………..CLOSER TO ISRAEL THAN NOW is just a START ‘cuz u couldn’t get any further than now……..

  3. Say it aint so Joe. I don’t see any of the announced Democrats being any “closer” to Israel. On the contrary. They will be a lot worse, now that the game plan for the Dem’s is to move to the far left.


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