Jordanian Christian Assassinated Over Insulting Islam Cartoon


A well-known Jordanian Christian writer was murdered on the steps of Amman, Jordan’s supreme court building on Sunday prior to his standing trial for sharing online a cartoon considered offensive to Islam.

Nahed Hattar, a 56-year-old anti-Islamist activist was shot three times in the head by a Muslim preacher outside the Palace of Justice, home to Jordan’s Supreme Court, according to Petra News Agency.

The gunman was arrested at the scene by security officers. The Jordanian government condemned Hattar’s murder.

“The law will be strictly enforced on the culprit who did this criminal act and will hit with an iron fist anyone who tries to harm the state of law,” the Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad Momani said.

In August, Hattar was criminally charged for sharing on his Facebook page a cartoon depicting a bearded man smoking in bed with women asking God to serve him wine.

The writer later removed the post and wrote that the cartoon, “mocks terrorists and their concept of God and heaven. It does not infringe God’s divinity in any way.” JNS.ORG




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