Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Smuggling Weapons To Palestinians



A Muslim Brotherhood cell in Jordan is smuggling weapons to Palestinians in the West Bank to be used to launch an intifada (uprising), Israeli intelligence officials have told their Jordanian counterparts.

Jordanian sources told London’s Arabic daily newspaper al-Hayat that the information sharing led to the arrest of 31 people, mostly Palestinians from Hebron who were studying in Jordan.

The revelation comes as Jordanian forces have arrested and charged top Muslim Brotherhood leader Zaki Bani Rushaid, deputy leader of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, for “souring ties with a foreign country” after criticizing the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for its recent designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

While the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood operates as an official opposition political party inside of Jordan, the group-which has been designated as a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE-has been increasingly scrutinized by Jordanian authorities in recent years.


{ Newscenter}



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