Judge Orders U.S. To Provide List Of Separated Migrant Children


The U.S. government must provide a list of the estimated 100 children under the age of 5 who were separated from their parents when entering the United States, a federal judge ordered.

U.S. Judge Dana Sabraw also ordered the government to explain by its expectation for reuniting each of those children with their parents by the end of Tuesday.

Sabraw last month issued the reunification order, which also set a July 26 deadline for more than 2,000 children to be reunited. The U.S. government attorneys said they may fail to meet those deadlines due to delays in confirming family relationships, but Sabraw declined to extend them without more information.


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  1. What are the courts going to do about the few thousand children that came with people not their parents but were used as pawns so the adults can come into the country? Are we the tax payers now their parents and have to keep them and raise them as our own? Where do we house them, keep them, feed them, send them to school, etc. etc. and no parents in sight? Who is responsible for those children that is what I am asking our great court system, and I did not ask them to come, and I did not voluntary say I will take care of them. We the people of this country are the victims and we have no say.


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