Video: Amazing Achdus: Kiddush Hashem Gatherings Across the Globe for Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin


monsey-kinnus[Video below.] There’s no way to describe the gatherings as anything but massive demonstrations of kiddush Hashem. Last night, at numerous locations across the United States – and around the world – Yidden gathered to say Tehillim and hear divrei hisorerus as a zechus for Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka Rubashkin, whose sentencing will take place today and tomorrow in the courtroom of Judge Linda Reade.

Jews of all stripes and affiliations – most who do not know Reb Sholom Mordechai at all – gathered for the sole purpose of beseeching Hakadosh Boruch Hu to grant this tremendous baal chessed and yorei Shomayim a personal geulah v’yeshuah following a travesty of justice and the most trying period of his life, during which he has been incarcerated and forced to spend his days behind bars.

Among the gatherings last night was a Monsey community kinnus for men and women at Yeshiva Ohr Somayach. Rav Chaim Shabbes led the assemblage in the recital of Tehillim and opening remarks were delivered by Rav Yisroel Rokowsky, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Ohr Sameach.  The gathering was addressed by Rav Pinchos Lipschutz, publisher of the Yated Ne’eman newspaper who has spearheaded the global effort to assist Reb Sholom Mordechai during this ordeal.

Hakhel, in conjunction with Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin, held a major community-wide kinnus for men and women. Over 1,000 men and women filled Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin in Flatbush where messages from Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel of Agudas Yisroel of America and Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff, rov of Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin, were delivered. Tehillim was led by Rav Shloime Mandel, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva of Brooklyn.

In Chicago, a community-wide atzeres tefillah for men and women was held at Congregation Adas  Yeshurun. Divrei hisorerus were delivered by Rav Dovid Zucker, rosh kollel of Zichron Shneur; Rav Zev Cohen, rov of Congregation Adas Yeshurun; and Rav Boruch Hertz, rov of Congregation Bnei Reuven.

Also last night, for those who couldn’t attend a gathering in person, a telephone conference was held at 8:30 p.m. to discuss the case of Reb Shalom Mordechai, with speakers including Mrs. Nissi Streicher, publisher of Be’simcha; Mrs. Debbie Maimon, reporter for Yated Ne’eman and foremost expert on the Rubashkin case; and Mrs. N. D. Zwiebel, renowned women’s lecturer, who offered practical actions that can be undertaken by Yidden all over the world.

At the same time, in a bold new campaign titled “Counter the Prosecution,” the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation (CCHF) has launched a new machsom lefi specifically for the zechus of Reb Sholom Mordechai. The CCHF shares Klal Yisroel‘s distress at seeing the injustice that is being perpetrated against Reb Sholom Mordechai and wishes to see him receive fair sentencing. Gedolim have declared this to be a case of pidyon shvuyim, and the CCHF believes it is incumbent on each and every individual to daven for Reb Sholom Mordechai and to endeavor to protect him from excessive punishment. A machsom lefi is a program in which participants undertake, bli neder, to make an extra, concerted effort to be careful with their words at a designated time each day as a means of fulfilling the mitzvah of shemiras halashon. The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s morning machsom lefi is the joint effort of Jewish men, women and children across the globe each day from 9 to 10 a.m. for the zechus of Reb Sholom Mordechai.

Meanwhile, Yidden all over the world have been donating funds towards the defense of Reb Sholom Mordechai. Tens of thousands of dollars have poured into the Pidyon Shvuyim Fund via mail, while tens of thousands of dollars have poured in to the fund through The Rubashkin family is eternally grateful to all the kind Jews from cities across the globe who have contributed toward Reb Sholom Mordechai’s defense.

To watch a portion of the remarks delivered last night at the Monsey gathering by Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, click below:

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For a video of Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff’s remarks in Flatbush, see‘s Featured Video section today.

Please continue to daven for Reb Shalom Mordechai ben Rivkah.

Significant funds must still be raised for the legal defense. Anyone who can help out and lend support should take a moment to send a donation to the Pidyon Shvuyim Fund. The help of Yidden across the globe is severely needed.

You can easily donate by clicking on the following link:


Alternatively, you can mail contributions to:

Pidyon Shvuyim Fund

53 Olympia Lane

Monsey NY 10952

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  1. I dont quite get this headline. it says there were international atzeres all over the world, well I havent heard of even one gathering outside of the U.S. Like Eretz yisroel and Europe this should have happened considering that its a fellow jew and this could have a pounding effect on the judge realising the whole world is against her. and also maybe this is the hishtadlus we need to make, in order to stop a new trend of jews being treated so badly in the courts.


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