Knesset Legislating Committee Passes Civil Marriage Bill for Non-Jewish Couples


knessetintThe Ministerial Legislating Committee in Israel has approved a civil marriage bill proposed by Justice Minister Yaakov Ne’eman that would provide legal recognition for non-Jewish couples classified as having no religion. The Justice Minister would appoint a judge to administer the civil marriage registry for these couples once the request to register for marriage is transferred to all recognized botei din in the country to enable them to lodge objections.The proposed law would provide these couple all of the same legal rights and obligations, except for rights and obligations based on halacha.

Rabbi Uri Maklev, chairman of the Knesset Committee for Public Inquiries, said that the drafting of the law leaves its aims and ramifications murky, “Therefore in any event we’ll have to look into the matter in depth.”

Rabbi Maklev also said, “The way it’s drafted and the character of the law have a significant impact since this is a highly sensitive issue that affects core aspects of Judaism, and every word of the draft is important. We will of course ensure no law that contradicts halacha is approved, as per the coalition agreement signed with the UTJ faction.”

{Yair Israel/Deiah veDibur}


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