Kozhnitzer Rebbe Lies On Floor of Old Tel Aviv Shul to Halt Its Demolition


After a long court conflict, Tel Aviv’s 70-year-old Sulam Yaakov Shul in Tel Aviv’s Summel area was bulldozed as part of a plan to replace the area’s old buildings with high-rises.

The Kozhnitzer Rebbe of Tel Aviv, Rav Shimshon Moshe Sternberg, lay on the shul floor in a last, desperate attempt to halt the demolition and felt so unwell he was taken to hospital.

“It’s impossible to describe the heartbreak in seeing this place destroyed,” said onetime rov and chazzan of the shul, Rav Chaim Bruner. “You need to understand that the Kozhnitzer Rebbe turned the place into a beacon of Torah and holiness, specifically in the most difficult area of Tel Aviv. Many families returned to Judaism thanks to their connection with the rebbe and the kehillah, particularly in the past few years!”

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. No reason to lay on the floor. Just claim it’s a Mosque or an Arab building and voila! the demolition will stop.


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