Lakewood Askanim Heading to Ukraine on Chizuk Mission


ukraineA group of Lakewood askanim, including Mayor Menashe Miller, will be heading to Ukraine next week to be mechazek the embattled local Jewish communities.

Recent political and financial unrest have hit the Jewish communities hard. The economy in Ukraine is worse than it has been in decades and inflation is rampant. This has caused much distress to Jewish organizations and to Jewish individuals throughout the country. The political strife and turbulence has also taken a toll on the Jewish communities of Ukraine.
The Lakewood askanim are traveling to Ukraine to stand in solidarity with Ukrainian Jewry and show them that we are concerned for them and will do all that we can to help. The group will visit Jewish organizations and yeshivos and hear their concerns. They will also meet with elected officials to advocate on behalf of the Jewish communities.
While in Ukraine, the delegation will attend the wedding of Reb Natan Margolin, one of the leaders of the Kiev Jewish community, who is marrying a local girl in Kiev on Sunday evening.
The trip will be led by the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Rav Yaakov Bleich shlita. They will arrive in Ukraine on Wednesday, Dec. 3, and will stay until Monday, Dec. 8.

A fund has been set up to pay for the wedding, with the goal of raising 18,000 to pay for the wedding expenses of this young couple. DONATE HERE.

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