Lakewood Police: Do Not Tow Garbage Cans On Cars


The Lakewood Police Department Traffic and Safety Bureau reminds residents that it is not permitted to tow garbage cans behind vehicles or having passengers sit in the rear of minivans or other automobiles and hold onto the garbage can while towing it to a drop off site. Passengers inside a moving automobile shall be properly restrained at all times and all doors and hatches shall be closed. Police officers and crossing guards will be on locations as well as Public Works employees for your safety. Please use extreme car when arriving and dropping off your bulk items, watch for small children moving in and around the drop off locations. Remember safety first Chometz second.

Lakewood Township Bulk Dro p Off locations:

Open on Saturday/Sunday/ Monday (Saturday 4pm till Monday 10:30am)

9th Street / Forest Avenue

E. 9th St/ Princeton Avenue

Patrick Park / Vine Street

Brook Road Park

Sunset Road Playground

West Gate / Hillside Blvd

D’Zio Park Locust Street (Monday 6am till 10:30am only)

Public Works Yard (open 7am – 11pm this week) Saturday the Recycling center/Drop off site will be open around the clock from 7am till Monday 3PM

Lakewood Township Burn Locations: Monday April 10th Open from 7am – Noon

Patrick Park

Brook Road Park

175 Sunset Road

BMG 7th St/Private Way

BMG 9th St/ Clifton Ave

Sons of Israel 6th / Madison

D’Zio Park

Blue Claws

The Lakewood Police and Fire Departments and Ocean County Fire Marshalls office would ask that you do not throw anything flammable or any liquids, paint cans into the fire for risk of explosion. Please use caution when dropping of in around the burn locations. Again a reminder not to be towing garbage cans from vehicles.

Next year, the Department of Public Works is exploring the possibility of more home pickups and fewer or no more drop off locations. Please stay tuned for future updates.



  1. Maybe instead of letting the liberals take away our rights, we should be michazek our tzniyus, and with that be”h we will be zocheh to safety.


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