Lakewood: Tragedy Averted As Table Catches Fire From Menorah


A potential for tragedy was halted last night after a table caught fire from a menorah at a home in Lakewood, NJ.

In an exclusive interview with, the homeowner, a resident of Blue Jay Way, off of Massachusetts Avenue, explained that he had no choice but to think quickly after the heavy duty plastic table on which his family had lit their menorahs caught on fire.

“I saw flames in my dining room and ran in to see what had happened,” he told Matzav. “I found the table engulfed in flames. My heart started racing. I first yelled for everyone to leave the house immediately.”

Boruch Hashem, all family members exited safely.

“Then I did what I could to put out the fire, grabbing whatever was nearby, including pots and pans. Then I just lifted the table, still ablaze, and tossed it out of the house.”

The incident occurred shortly before 7 p.m.

“The menorah that caused the fire was actually on a tray, but somehow, something must have fallen or dripped to cause the conflagration,” the homeowner related, adding the fire department personnel later told him that there were three such incidents in Lakewood alone last night.

“This is a good reminder to everyone to be vigilant,” the homeowner told Matzav. “We all heard about the tragedy in Flatbush. Fires are dangerous. Never leave candles unattended. Don’t leave them lit when you are not home or when you are sleeping. And be sure to continually check on your menorahs to make sure that all is safe and sound.”

{ Newscenter}


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