Lapid: I Could Support Legalizing Marijuana


finance-minister-yair-lapidYesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid’s stance on legalizing marijuana is malleable, he revealed Monday – dependent on how the legalization process works in other countries, Arutz Sheva reports.

Lapid has previously taken a tough stance against soft drugs, and was adamant against the process during the last campaign.

However, Arutz Sheva reports, when asked about the issue by an audience member during the Yesh Atid campaign rally at the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) house in Tel Aviv Monday night, Lapid – to the audience’s surprise – said that he would consider reversing his stance, according to Walla! News.

“I follow what is happening now in the United States, which is a huge experiment in legalization,” Lapid said. “I am against it right now, because as long as it is illegal in Europe, drug traders will move from here to there. But let’s see in a year.”

{ Israel}


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    Very stupid.


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