Lapid Returns To IDF Base With Kosher Food


Was it simple derech eretz, or was it part of Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid’s efforts to ingratiate himself with the religious and chareidi public?

Recently, the Lapid couple visited their son’s IDF outpost in the Golan Heights and treated the soldiers to a fresh hot meat meal they had purchased for them. A religious soldier refused to touch the food, pointing out that it was not kosher. The Lapids apologized profusely for their oversight and returned a week later with a brand new barbecue grill and fresh supply of meat bearing a kashrus symbol.

The religious soldier was shocked and told them that they needn’t have gone to all that trouble.

Lapid claimed in a recent interview that he arranged the funding to renovate Meron while serving as finance minister until 2014, adding that he had good rapport with the chareidi MKs and viewed them as possible coalition partners in the future.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Lapid is a Spy-bot. He is special to think can be a paced friend of the future of good jewish life at some capacity but he really is not a man who understands even the first sentence of the Shema. I would however think he can still be our friend as maybe he himself has a transformation in human feeling. This is probably a good sign.

    Still, the radical secularists in Israel are constant antagonism to yiddishkeit humor. The world must see we can build Torah faith all of our lives in any jewish soul. The world is not a shaven face just for the sake of a fear of being in a bad picture.

    Shape up we must. It takes all of us to find Torah.



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