Late Returns Show Likud 32, Zionist Camp 25, Yesh Atid 11, Kulanu 10, Arab List 9, Shas 8, Bayit Yehudi 7, Yisrael Beytenu 7, Yahadut Hatorah 6, and Meretz 5


israel-electionsThe returns on voting from ballot boxes in Israel indicate that with 25 percent of votes counted, the Likud got 32 Knesset seats, while the Zionist Camp got 25 seats.

Yesh Atid is thought to get 11, Moshe Kachlon’s Kulanu got 10 seats, the Arab List got 9, Shas 8, Bayit Yehudi 7, Yisrael Beytenu 7, Yahadut Hatorah 6, and Meretz gets 5.

Officials close to President Reuven Rivlin told Channel 1 late Tuesday that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will form the next coalition if Kulanu head Moshe Kachlon offers his endorsement of the incumbent.

Kachlon is still noncommittal about which candidate he would endorse for the premiership.

According to Channel 1 exit polls, Yachad, the faction founded by Eli Yishai, has won the minimum votes needed to gain representation in parliament. Channel 2 and Channel 10 estimate that Yachad missed the cut.

After the polls closed at 10 p.m., the Central Elections Committee reported voter turnout at 71.8 percent, four percent more than the last election’s 66.6% turnout.

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  1. Bibi now has to deal with the consequences of boxing himself into a corner by pledging “No” to any Palestinian state. This pledge was made in a last-ditch grasp for right-wing voters in an election that he had a real chance of losing.
    How will he now be able to negotiate with the P.A. without going back on his word?
    I’m very concerned that President Obama will now use Bibi’s pledged intransigence to further distance the U.S. from Israel.


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