Latest Flotilla Leaves Sweden for Gaza, Will Attempt to ‘Break Israel’s Blockade’


FLOTILLAA Swedish flotilla of anti-Israel activists has left its home country and is en route to Gaza with the goal of breaking the Israeli naval blockade around the coastal territory, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Monday.

The Swedish flotilla is expected to disembark in a number of additional countries before it reaches the Gaza Strip in an effort to assemble other activists from across Europe.

According to the report, several activist organizations are supporting the flotilla, including FreeGaza, which works to delegitimize Israel in the international community.

Another group supporting the flotilla is Gazan terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which has been intently following the flotilla’s progress since it left Sweden, and is hoping that it will attract a lot of international attention, just as the ill fated Mavi Marmara flotilla did in 2010.

A senior leader in the organization, Khaled Al-Batash, threatened that PIJ would end its current ceasefire with Israel if the Jewish state were to stop the flotilla on its way to Gaza.

Israel is also closely following the developments with this latest attempt by European activists to challenge Israel’s maritime blockade on Gaza, and is preparing to deal with it.

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