Law Now Prohibits Women from Saying Kaddish at the Kosel


women-kosel-smallYerushalayim’s District Police Chief, Yossi Pariente, issued new legislation today, including forbidding women from reciting Kaddish at the Kosel.

The Women of the Wall group, as expected, pounced upon the ruling.

Anat Hoffman, the spokeswoman of the group know to wear talleisim and hold Torah readings at the Kosel, blasted the prohibition, saying that her group will ignore the law and will recite Kaddish anyway.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This is serious reminder to raise our daughters with respect and teach them the value of their place. Otherwise they may turn out to be notorious quasi bent on disrupting any order which they perceive as a threat to their misguided goals.

  2. Come on, Matzav. This is the third comment you deleted from today.
    Why are you afraid to post it? Put it up, its the truth.

  3. This is mamush great nitzchon against the sitru achrra. I was just putting the key in my shlsel.challah when I read this . Yeshios are hapening already.

  4. There are large responsa written on the question of women (particularly when there are no males available)saying kaddish. Many chasuva (& mainstream) rabbanim allow it to be said from the other side of the mechitza IF A MALE IS SAYING KADDISH AT THE SAME TIME.

    So loosen up the jackets and learn the halachas.

  5. Rav Soloveitchik z’tz’l reported that he heard women saying kaddish in Eastern Europe during his childhood and he saw no reason why a man needed to also be reciting kaddish. Who is the police chief to pasken against The Rav?

  6. to Not Surprised

    Essentially, Matzav uses similar tactics as the Catholic Church; this should be no surprise to you.
    They will probably post your posts after Shabbos when this article is relegated to older artcles.


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