Lawyer: American Jew Imprisoned In Cuba Says Prison Life Not Worth Living, Has Said His Goodbyes


alan-grossA lawyer for an American who has spent more than four years imprisoned in Cuba said Monday that his client cannot take life in prison much longer and has said his goodbyes to his wife and a daughter.

Alan Gross was arrested in Cuba in 2009 while working covertly in the Communist-run country to set up Internet access. His attorney, Scott Gilbert, said in a statement Monday that his client “has withdrawn” and told him “life in prison is not a life worth living.”

Gross said goodbye to his wife and youngest daughter during a recent visit. Gross, who lived in Maryland before his arrest, had previously told his two daughters not to come see him in prison.

Gross has stopped exercising and his health is not good, said Gilbert, who plans to visit his client this week.

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  1. Why have we never been given a name for davening?
    I pray that he sees the fulfillment of the Talmudic dictum Yeshuas Hashem k’heref ayin – the salvation of G-d comes like the blink of an eye.

  2. I agree with # 1, why don’t we know his name ?The least that we can do is be mispalel for him. From our hearts we beseech Hashem to have Rachmanas for him and his family. He should have a refuah Shleima and he should be released as soon as possible.

  3. Why won’t our government work on his release? If he worked for the State Department/ US Agency for International Development, they should be responsible for securing his release.

    Maybe someone get Sean Penn to work on setting Alan Gross free, just as he got Yanky Ostreicher out of Bolivia!


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