Likud Comptroller Disqualifies Netanyahu From Likud Leadership Race; PM Likely To Appeal


netanyahu3Shai Galili, Likud’s comptroller, disqualified Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu from running for the party leadership in the December 31 primary, a move that Netanyahu disputes and is likely to appeal, the Jerusalem Post.

Galili says that Netanyahu must answer claims that he improperly used party resources in his leadership primary run. Likud’s election committee said in response that Galili has no authority to disqualify Netanyahu, nor does he have a good reason.

The Post reports that the Netanyahu campaign said in response that “the decision by the political dealer Galili is strange, motivated by irrelevant considerations and not at all binding… Electoral Committee chairman Menahem Ne’eman clearly determined that Galili’s decison was hasty, invalid and Galili was not authorized to give it.”

The Post reported that Netanyahu is likely to appeal the decision to the Likud’s court and, if necessary, to general court.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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