Limbaugh: NY Times Should Be Doing What Drudge Is Doing


rush-limbaughThe New York Times should be doing what Matt Drudge is doing. That’s what radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said yesterday on his show.

“The New York Times is said to be top dog in the news business by reputation, size, and all that,” said Limbaugh. “I’ve often said the news business is trying to figure out what to do on the Internet. What do we do there? How do we monetize it? How do we make any money? Most of them just reprint their newspapers. They’ve have added some blogs, try to sell some banner ads. The New York Times should be doing what Drudge is doing if they’re really interested in the news, and if they’re really interested in people being informed with all the news fit to print. But they don’t do it. It’s a niche that Matt came along and filled, quite ably…

“So when the White House is approached by people asking what’s on Drudge, it’s no different than if they would be asked about something that’s in the New York Times, except they don’t approve of Drudge. All Drudge does is find news that’s out there that other news agencies universally ignore and don’t report, and then he cleverly attaches headlines, links photos and what have you. You’ve got a White House spokesman, senior adviser, trying to browbeat a reporter or any reporter into not bothering to ask them about something that’s on Drudge,” added Limbaugh.

“It’s all part of the effort to delegitimize what is on Drudge. In fact, the New York Times does the opposite of what Drudge does. The New York Times buries the news that they don’t want anybody to know about. And Drudge does not do that.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Hmm, sounds a lot like! Just like others, keep covering up what’s really going on in the Frum community! And even when you do print a little blurb about a hot button issue, make sure its a “hit & run” article without allowing any comments! Matzav has the same maturity level of the NY Slimes! For shame! I guess you’re still beholden to _____ for getting you kids off the ground, so good luck! When you get serious, let us know.

  2. The New York Times: If the news fits our political agenda, we print it.

    The anti-Israel views of the Times come from its owner, the Sulzberger family, most of whom have converted from Judaism to Christianity.

  3. #1 – Matzav is at least trying to avoid sleaze and loshon hora, not like some other site which you want Matzav to emulate.


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