London Resident Wins’s First Annual Matzav Music Awards Raffle

2 is proud to announce the winner of the First Annual Matzav Music Awards raffle for all readers who participated in our recent voting.‘s global reach was demonstrated with thousands participating from dozens of countries across the globe. As announced last week, the winner of the Matzav Song of the Year for 5769 was Anovim. [See our full coverage here.] Once all the votes were tallied, conducted a raffle of all those who cast votes for the Matzav Song of the Year for 5769. One voter was chosen as a winner of a free DVD of the newly released The Event, a beautiful concert featuring Lipa, MBD, the Pirchei Choir, Dedi, and an emotional tribute to the unforgettable Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum zt”l.

The winner of the raffle is Tzivia Sternlicht of  Bridge Lane in London, England. Congratulations  to Tzivia, who, incidentally, cast her vote for the winning song, Anovim.

We thank Sheya Mendlowitz for sponsoring this raffle and thank all our readers who participated. We look forward to the next worldwide awards or online event.

{Elisha Newscenter}



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