Long Island High School Students Pictured Wearing ‘Auschwitz’ T-Shirts



An investigation has been launched after a photo surfaced online recently showing two high school students wearing T-shirts bearing antisemitic messages, CBS reported on Wednesday.

Carol D’Auria of radio station 1010 WINS reported that the picture shows two students at Commack High School in Long Island, NY, wearing red shirts emblazoned with large, black swastikas and the word “Auschwitz” in large letters. The words “hit the showers” can be seen in smaller letters. The students appear to be drinking and in the midst of a game of beer pong.

The photograph, which was first posted on Twitter, was taken off school grounds during spring break, Newsday reported.

“I don’t know why they would ever post that, that never goes away. I don’t support what those kids did at all,” Commack High School senior Alex said.

The Commack School District confirmed the students attend their high school and that disciplinary action is being taken, according to CBS.

Commack schools released a statement saying, “The district would like to state that the actions of these students are not representative of the student body at Commack High School…We do not condone or permit any form of discrimination, bullying, or hateful messaging.”

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