Lost Kesubos Due to Hurricane Sandy


kesubah[Forms below.] In light of the recent catastrophic situation due to Hurricane Sandy, it has been pointed out by Rav Hershel Schachter that many people may have lost their kesubos and are in need of new ones as soon as possible.

As a service, Matzav.com is provided these forms for the kesubah d’irkesa.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Matrachta, click here.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Armalta, click here.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Besulah, click here.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Giorta, click here.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Wow! Now that’s down right Brilliant!!
    Your stocks have gone up by me. You went far and beyond from being merely a news cast.
    You’ve got what it takes and clearly heavily dosed with Seyata Dishmaya.
    Simply Put:: You’re tunned in!
    Keep up your great Passion!

  2. a ksuba must be written up with a rav which know “tiv gitin vekidushin” – to make sure names are spelled right, eidim are not kroivim etc.
    i don’t think forms should be posted online for everyone to take in there own hands.

  3. Is anyone aware of the fact that even for those who rely on the so-called “Eruv” in Flatbush and Boro Park that a lot of the Tzuros Hapeaschs relied upon (shelo k’daas R’ Moshe ztz”l)
    are probably down and therefore there IS NO
    ERUV ANY LONGER even according to those who hold of it!

  4. I was takeh asking my husband last week if there would be a problem with lost kesubos in their homes. Glad someone is taking care of it.


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