Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Celebrates Teen Kidnappings With Hateful Cartoons


cartoon-palestiniansAs supporters of Israel and human rights around the world used social media to campaign for the return of the three Israeli boys who were kidnapped last week, Fatah, the party that leads the Palestinian Authority, celebrated the kidnapping with hateful cartoons on its Facebook page.

The campaign for their release used the hastag #BringBackOurBoys – a rif on the #BringBackOurGirls campaign to rescue those kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Although Fatah’s caption was in Arabic, the context of one graphic was clear – three mice with Jewish stars being caught on a string. In response, many posts were left in English by social media users aghast at the party’s attitude.

Cathy Dyer wrote, “You people are disgusting savages.”

Yoni Sharon said,  “Shame, you bring shame to yourselves and your cause.”

Rolf Tschan said, “You’re the worst sort of criminals! Disgusting!”

Tomer Silas said, “Some ‘Peace Partners.'”

Stephen Flatow: “Sickening.”

Alexandra Maniatis-Gill said, “So, you think this is the way to do things? Making fun of kidnappings while crying false tears about others you said are being held by Israel? You are only using the situation for your own politics. You do not really care and you know it.”

Hali Haber: “This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

Steven Podvoll said, “Nobody who posts something like this has any business trying to claim some sort of moral high ground. The prophet clearly insisted on mercy and even hospitality to strangers. Shame on you.”

Aguinaldo Wechesler Dinazio, from Brazil, said, “You are terrorists, not soldiers! Increasingly, the world sees your lies. You kidnap boys, use their children as a shield! Hypocrites! May the hand of God would descend upon you! You will no longer have the support of Brazil! Do not come over asking for help from President Dilma.”

Andre Weyher: “Shame on you.”

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  1. I’m glad that I belong to a religion and a people that will consider this type of behavior unacceptable. The reality is That the Palestinian are a unhappy people because Islam is a mediocre religion that concentrate itself of worship but not in human relationships. Islam fail to inspire self responsibility, self criticism, and self confidence. They naturally blame others for their problems and Israel and Jews are an easy target.
    I hope this people get the kind of leader that will guide then towards progress instead of violence and hatred!

  2. Joy to the fame of no more conversations with the crumbs of illiteracy that exist from a political cartoon of such ill merit. The author of that cartoon has no common cause for his family. Just another death to kill the world of his own forum of hate. And that is the end of his people of course. Nazis did not last did they?

  3. but….az yimalay schok pinu, ulshonenu rina

    he who laughs last laughs best

    the reshaim who commit such horrible deeds will be paid back in full!


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