Man Mistaken as Second Terrorist in Be’er Sheva Attack Beaten


656585601003465640360noIt was initially believed that there were two attackers in today’s terror attack in Be’er Sheva, but it later emerged that the second man who was gunned down was an Eritrean man. He was shot in his lower extremities by the bus terminal’s head of security, who thought him to be a terrorist, as the Eritrean was fleeing the ensuring gun fight, Yediot reports.

While lying wounded on the floor, passersby who also thought him to be a terrorist beat him up, throwing benches and chairs at him, kicking him, spitting on him and cursing at him. Police officers on the scene, as well as some civilians, were trying to keep the attacking passersby at bay.

Paramedics trying to evacuate the Eritrean, who was critically wounded, to the hospital ran into objection from the crowds at the scene, who blocked their way and called out “Death to Arabs,” “Arabs out!” and “Am Israel Chai.”

Yediot adds that the Eritrean’s friends, who were with him at the time of the attack, were being questioned by security forces.

The bus terminal’s head of security recounted the incident: “I was at the dock, heard bursts of gunfire. I ran there, and there was a guy on the floor. I was on my way with my weapon drawn, because there was shooting inside the station. There was a stabbed soldier next to the attacker (who later turned out to be the Eritrean man – ed.). I just shot one bullet and he was neutralized … First of all I made sure that the man who was on the floor, the attacker, won’t move.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Very sad, but we should not be accepting the responsibility for this. It is a direct result of the terror stabbings of these Arabs that caused this. It is sick to see even the Israeli media blaming their citizens for this response. It is direct knee-jerk reaction to what the citizens there are living through – nebech. Place the blame where it belongs!!


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