Mayor Bill de Blasio Tells R’ Nachman Caller He’s looking Forward Working With Him On Affordable Housing


de-blasio-caller1State Assembly candidate R’ Nachman Caller briefly met with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio today following a speech on education and the future of schools in Manhattan.

While the mayor emphasized that he did not endorse any candidate in this race, he wished R’ Nachman “success tomorrow” and said, “I look forward working with you.”
“Our plan to build new housing in our community, specifically 2,000 affordable housing units, is in conjunction with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vision of providing affordable housing across the City of New York,” said State Assembly candidate

R’ Nachman Caller. “If given the trust on Tuesday by the voters in the district, I look forward working together with the Mayor and the city Council to bring affordability to the community, based on his plan that reflects the changing demographics in the city.”
Last Tuesday, Councilman David Greenfield announced his support for our plan to build as many as 2,000 housing units over the MTA tracks adjacent to 61st Street in Borough Park. “This Borough Park rail yard housing plan is the best and most thoughtful I have seen since I have been in office,” said Councilman Greenfield. “The MTA has assured me that the plan can work, and with the support of our elected officials, the MTA will move forward to allow bidding on the rights to develop on top of the rail yards.”
The ‘My plan’ booklet, that is being distributed in the district, contains an illustration that shows how one of the areas of focus consists of five to six full square blocks covering the railroad that is located on 61st and 62nd Streets, running between 8th and 13th Avenues. The area covered by the railroad is controlled by the MTA. Under the plan, the community would purchase the air rights above the railroad and build platforms to hold the newly constructed buildings.

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