Mayor of Jerusalem Visits Tikvah Layeled Foundation


tikvaBy Avrumi Weinberger

Tikvah Layeled Foundation in Jerusalem, the educational & rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy (CP), recently installed a brand new wheelchair ramp to serve handicapped students coming in and out of school every day. Nir Barkat, mayor of Jerusalem paid a high profile visit to Tikvah Layeled to participate in the dedication of the new ramp.

The mayor was given a detailed tour of the entire school and met with staff and students alike. He was visibly moved by the astounding dedication of the staff towards the students. Wherever he went he saw teachers and therapists going about their important work with a sense of urgency and commitment that is truly unique to Tikvah Layeled.

But even more pronounced, was his reaction to his meeting with the students themselves. The mayor made the rounds around the school and repeatedly stopped to converse with the disabled children. The mayor expressed his surprise at the relative ease with which the students interacted and said he was profoundly touched by their innocent and pure humanity. The children, on their part, where thrilled by the opportunity to spend time with such an important personage.

Before leaving, the mayor spoke briefly to the educational and medical staff about the important role Tikvah Layeled plays in the city of Jerusalem.

“Tikvah Layeled elevates the state of our entire city. This institution gives pride to Jerusalem and thus grants it the appropriate title of ‘Jerusalem of High’, because it encompasses all the wonderful aspects that are absolutely crucial to cater to the very specific needs of these special students,” he said with obvious emotion.

“The perfect synthesis of special education and medical and physical therapy is simply astounding! To have such a diverse body of students and staff under one roof; chareidim, national-religious and secular – it is no wonder that parents are clamoring to secure their child in this wonderful institution.”

The visit left a deep impression on the entire staff and student body and left them inspired to continue their important work for the community.

To learn more about Tikvah Layeled visit:

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