Mayor Orders Mosque Speaker Silenced


Angered by a mosque’s predawn raucousness, Lod Mayor Yair Revivo burst into a mosque at 5:30 a.m. on a Muslim holiday and ordered the place’s loudspeakers silenced as per the city mosques’ prior agreement with the city. Worshippers cursed him, grabbed his phone, and injured his hand.

“This is the truth about the attack I underwent this morning in a mosque,” he wrote on Facebook. “There were agreements with the imams, with the council members and with the police. Everyone kept the agreement except the Dahmash Mosque, which tried to damage [our] coexistence.”

In response to the violation of the agreement, Revivo left Selichos and arrived at the mosque to protest.

“I was immediately attacked and injured,” he said. “They grabbed my cell phone, cursed, and sadly, all this took place in front of the police.”

Revivo ordered the municipality to stop all cooperation with the police “until they get their act together and stop being afraid of Arab lawbreakers.”

The police said they had asked Revivo to wait for police reinforcements before entering the mosque. He chose to enter the mosque before the police arrived and a confrontation broke out. Police who arrived separated the mayor from the worshipers, turned down the loudspeaker volume, and restored order.

Proceedings were opened against the imam.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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