Meretz Party Starts Free Public Bus Service – On Shabbos Only


busWhile Meretz MK Nitzan Horowitz today plans to file a law for approval by the Ministerial Law Committee of a bill that would allow for mass public transportation to operate on Shabbos, local Meretz activists are planning a series of actions to override existing laws, essentially building their own Shabbos bus service in the Tel Aviv area.

As a first foray into establishing mass public bus service on Shabbos, Meretz activists operated a bus between Hod Hasharon and Kfar Sava in the Sharon area on Shabbos The bus picked up and dropped off passengers at several shopping centers in both towns. There was no charge for the service.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. I wonder how long will it take for those that still support Zionism and call themselves religious to realize that the cause of Zionism is not the cause of Judaism? You can not live in a regime that will systematically seek to destroy the very essence and purpose of its existence.

    Judaism is endangered not because of evil people but because of religious people that fail to see what is evil. Evil always was but we knew how to draw the lines. Zionism uses our passion for E. Yisroel to platform its rebellion. wake up!

  2. #3. A “free country” is not a Jewish concept.

    You may think you are “free” to do as you see fit, but you will suffer the consequences of your action after you die.

  3. Comment No 3. Do you believe in Torah and Judaism? Do you believe that when Moshiach will come we will do as we see fit? The State of Israel is supposed to be a Jewish state, what do you call chilul shabbes… Judaism? How assimilated we have become….

  4. I happen to keep shabbos, I just don’t believe on imposing my views on those who are not interested just like I don’t want to go to the army and don’t want that imposed on me. You cannot impose restrictions on others and expect them to let you do whatever you want. Thank god israel is a free state where nobody is coerced into anything religious or irreligious.


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