Military’s Top Brass Warn Automatic Spending Cuts Will Undercut National Security


army-chief-of-staff-gen-raymond-odiernoThe billions in defense budget cuts set to begin Friday will have a swift and severe impact on military readiness, and Congress needs to take fast action to stop them, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Tuesday in an eleventh-hour bid to keep the reductions from going into effect.

Testifying before the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, the five uniformed leaders of the military branches described how national security would be put at risk if they are forced to make deep decreases in spending for personnel, training and equipment modernization programs.

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  1. “We are talking about less then one penny in cuts”

    Wrong. For the Defense Department, it is about 8% of outlays — but compressed into less than half a fiscal year, so it is really about a 14% cut. And because much of the Defense Department budget — probably 40% — is tied up in long term commitments (you can’t simply close a military base on 24 hour notice) it is really more like a one third cut. That constitutes a massive unilateral disarmament.

    Unfortunately the Republicans refuse to levy the taxes needed to pay for all this.

  2. Ridiculous. The cuts won’t make one bit of difference. They are a drop in the bucket and no more. This is major hype so that Obama can blame the Republicans for everything that happens to the economy from here on in, since the mainstream media can be counted on not to remind anyone that the sequester was Obama’s idea to begin with.


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