Millennials Are Too Lazy to Drink at Bars: Study


“Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer on a new study reporting millennials are drinking at home more because it’s ‘too much effort’ to go out and another study that millennials are bad tippers.


  1. Question is how and why would you want to go to a bar when they are on their Iphones and texting continuously. I guess going to a bar is to meet people face to face and now with Iphones you don’t need faces anymore all you need to know is how to text and read. Too bad eventually they will find the generation with Iphones maybe the loneliest people because they don’t know face to face contacts anymore only letters. Watch people next time when they eat lunch or any meal, they are watching the phones for messages rather than talking to the person next to them or turning off the phone for the opportunity of having a real person to talk to. Not enthusiastic about bars, but !!!


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