Ministry: Out-Of-Town-Girls Must Be Included in Yerushalayim High Schools


Itzik Zahavi, head of the Education Ministry’s chareidi department, instructed that the Yerushalayim municipality must integrate girls from the out-of-town Telz-Stone and Givat Ze’ev into its high schools for the next two years. Six months ago, sixty-five families complained to Interior Minister Aryeh Deri that Yerushalayim’s chareidi education department was discriminating against their daughters and not accepting them into its schools.

Deputy Mayor Tzika Cohen, head of the city’s chareidi education, told Bechadrei Chareidim that while he was happy to accede to the Education Ministry’s request, the ministry needed to build more classrooms as many high schools had an of average of fifty girls per class.

He noted that it became difficult to accept 300 girls annually from Telz Stone and Givat Ze’ev after the number of girls beginning high school in Yerushalayim jumped in recent years from 2,500 girls to 2,800.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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