Moishy Holtzberg’s Bubby Named Woman of the Year by City of Afula


moishy-holtzberg-smallMrs. Yehudis Rosenberg, known worldwide as Moishy Holtzberg’s grandmother, was honored this week as Woman of the Year by the city of Afula. Mayor Avi Alkabetz awarded her during a ceremony for the International Woman’s Month in the local Cultural Center.She was noted for “her determination to overcome a great disaster, losing her daughter and son in law Rivki and Gabi Holtzberg in the bloody attack in Mumbai.”

Rosenberg runs a Gmach for clothing, distributes food for needy families and heads the local women’s club “Aishes Chayil.”

In her remarks, Rosenberg said that their journey began 38 years ago when she her husband Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg went to the northern Israeli city.

The Indian nanny Sandra Samuel, who rescued Moishy from the besieged Chabad House, was in the crowd too. Mrs. Rosenberg thanked her warmly.

{ Newscenter}


  1. All we can say is that, Hashem should just give her the strenghth to do this until Moshiach comes..and we are davening that Moishe”le should just continue to bring everyone a lot of Yiddishe Nachas..


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