More On Lost Kesubos Due to Hurricane Sandy


kesubahAs reported earlier today here on, many who suffered the loss of personal belongings during Hurricane Sandy are reminded of the halachic necessity for a married couple to know the whereabouts of their kesubah marriage document. If one’s kesubah has been lost or destroyed, or otherwise mutilated or erased, it must be replaced with a specialized kesubah document immediately. Click on the following links for the forms, provided as a courtesy by MATZAV.COM.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Matrachta, click here.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Armalta, click here.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Besulah, click here.

For the Kesubah D’irkesa – Giorta, click here.

Note: The Halacha Hotline of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway Community under the leadership of Rav Binyomin Forst has made themselves available free of charge to anyone who needs this service. They can be reached at 516-239-2500.

{Noam Newscenter}


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