More Than 1k Offer to Clean Up Baltimore After Animals Destroy City


baltimore2As reports of more fires and looting at local businesses continued to sweep Baltimore late Monday, a group of more than 1,000 residents have volunteered to clean up the aftermath via a Facebook group.

Teaming up with Sandtown cleanup organizers, the group is asking locals to bring heavy duty trash bags, gloves, brooms, trash cans and other supplies to help with the effort at 10 a.m. Read more at Facebook.

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  1. That headline is a chilul hashem, regardless of their behavior. There is a way to condemn without resorting to lowest common demoninator headlines

  2. The term animals is very unprofessional, the word used in the business is vandals. Human beings should never loose dignity and respect, besides it is alluding to racism.

  3. To commenters 2, 3, 5 and 6. Of course the choice of wording in the headline is inappropriate and unprofessional. It’s exactly what we expect of However, is free to use any choice of wording it so pleases when referring to individuals who riot, trash, and create chaos, whether it be in regards to protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson or shoppers on Black Friday. The editors at feel that animalistic behavior is demonstrated by all of those groups, and they create headlines reflecting that. You don’t have to read if you feel it is inappropriate.

  4. Sorry to disappoint whoever wrote the article, but Baltimore hasn’t been “destroyed.” Except for a few areas close to downtown the city is just the way it always has been. Most of the property damage was caused by teenagers breaking windows and professional-style looters cleaning out stores. One store burned and is now boarded up. People in the neighborhoods are cleaning up themselves. Most of the damage and rock-throwing was caused by teenagers who were let out of school early and then found that the transportation system had also been shut down. Unfortunately, some police officers were wounded by rocks and we can daven for their speedy recovery, but except for broken windows and theft there was no property damage either. The vast majority of Baltimore was untouched.

  5. It is disrespectful to the animal kingdom to call them animals. Animals don’t destroy unless they feel threatened. You can call them rioters, looters, even low lives or savages- or disadvantaged youth- 🙂

  6. Its a good thing Matzav called it like it is. To all you left wing Liberal commentors: if these dogs did this same destruction to YOUR property, you would be singing a different tune. What a bunch of self righteous phonies. Why don’t you go vote for Bernie Sanders?

  7. “Human beings should never loose dignity and respect, besides it is alluding to racism.”

    The Torah doesn’t mince words in regards to Yishmael, calling him an animal, a Pera Adam.

    We shouldn’t mince words either. When people act like savages and forfeit their own dignity and respect, they deserve to be called what they are, animals.

    Actually, the more accurate term is “stupid animals” because their wanton destruction now means they have no stores to buy food for themselves, pampers for their babies or medication for grandma.

    If you care so much, Rabbi Avraham Goldstein, then rent a U-Haul, pack it full of basic necessities, drive down to inner-city Baltimore and distribute them to these paragons of human dignity and respect.

    That would be much more constructive than constantly criticizing your fellow Jews on the web.

  8. Comment No. 14 I do not have the liberty to use a term use in the Torah referring to Ishmael and its deep Torah meaning and teaching about Ishmael and extended to Baltimore Md black community.

    You accused me of criticizing my fellow Jews on the web? can you give me some instances? I only reserve my comments to moments like this one that gives the impression that we are racist and immature.

    At times I express by disgust against Zionism, against Injustice and against political blindness.

    I’m not a liberal but I can not be conservative either…the world is too complicated to assume that either side of politics is the right one. I rather deal with each issue independently of political affiliation. Also too many of us have fallen in categorizing other Jews into branches and clans….
    For me there is only One Hashem one Torah and one Jewish people. Jewish people are those Jews that loyally try to live by the One Hashem the one Torah and the one Jewish people. Many Gentiles hate us because they think the term goyim means “animals”….so sencitivity is very wise!


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